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BSI Air Cylinders

BSI’s line of Air Cylinders is a continuation of the Williams cylinder line manufactured since the 1960’s. Standard and custom models are available to suit your needs. We carry a wide range of Air Cylinders including: Engine Shut Down Cylinders, Single and Double Acting Cylinders, Feathering Cylinders, Modulating Cylinders and Indexing Cylinders.

Air Cylinders

Heavy Duty Cylinders
1 1/4 inch Single Acting WM635
  Double Acting WM637
2 inch Single Acting WM448
3 1/4 inch Double Acting WM463
Medium Duty Cylinders
2 inch Single Acting WM309
  Double Acting WM336
Feathering Cylinder
1 1/4 inch   WM633
2 inch   WM475
3 1/4 inch   WM495
Indexing Cylinder
2 inch 3 position WM384
  4 position WM394
Throttle Slave
1 3/4 inch   WM788
Specialty Cylinders